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Essence Questioned

tripping forward into the abyss

18 April
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So you were interested enough to check my user info? Well, I must be doing something right, or something terribly annoying. Either way, I've gotten your attention. Suppose I need to say something to justify you making the effort to actually come here for a looksy...
Sorry, fresh out of ideas at the moment. Used up a good deal of my creative engery back in the journal, so you might as well go back (click that little back button thingy) and parse my entries. Check back here though, never know what I might do or say in the future!

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The main focus of this journal is creative efforts by friends and myself. As my first and foremost interest is writing, (aside from Christopher Eccleston), and so you'll find a good amount Unfortunately, I don't produce at the speed that I used to, but there is some still coming out of me.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

When I can't write, or I've come against a serious bought of writers block, I generally resort to wallpapers, icons and collages. It's sort of white noise, or a creative solitaire.